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    • Maternal perception of children's nutritional status from public schools in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil 

      Friedrich, Roberta Roggia; Antunes, Thiago; Schuch, Ilaine (2016) [Journal article]
      Objective: To evaluate maternal perception of children’s nutritional status in elementary school at public schools in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. Methods: A cross-sectional study carried out at the ...
    • Overview of meta-analysis on prevention and treatment of childhood obesity 

      Bahia, Luciana Ribeiro; Schaan, Camila Wohlgemuth; Sparrenberger, Karen; Abreu, Gabriela de Azevedo; Barufaldi, Laura Augusta; Coutinho, Walmir; Schaan, Beatriz D'Agord (2019) [Journal article]
      Objectives: This study aimed to assess the quality of systematic reviews on prevention and non-pharmacological treatment of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents. Data source: A search was done in electronic ...