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    • A chiral bag model with a soft surface : structure and solutions of the fuzzy and the modified fuzzy bag model 

      Vasconcellos, Cesar Augusto Zen; Coelho, Hélio Teixeira; Pilotto, Fernando Goncalves; Bodmann, Bardo Ernst Josef; Dillig, Manfred; Razeira, Moises (1998) [Journal article]
      In the present work we propose a new bag model for hadrons, called the modi ed fuzzy bag model (MFBM). The distinguishing feature of this model is the suppression of the pion eld, as it enters the bag, by means of a scalar ...
    • Phase transitions in neutron stars and gravitational wave emission 

      Marranghello, Guilherme Frederico; Vasconcellos, Cesar Augusto Zen; Pacheco, Jose Antonio de Freitas (2002) [Journal article]
      We review the detectability of gravitational waves generated by oscillations excited during a phase transition from hadronic matter to deconfined quark-gluon matter in the core of a neutron star. Neutron star properties ...