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    • The solar twin planet search : V. close-in, low-mass planet candidates and evidence of planet accretion in the solar twin HIP 68468 

      Meléndez, Jorge; Bedell, Megan; Bean, Jacob L.; Ramírez, Iván; Asplund, Martin; Dreizler, Stefan; Yan, Hong Liang; Shi, Jianrong; Lind, Karin; Ferraz-Mello, Sylvio; Galarza, Jhon Joel Yana; Santos, Leonardo Augusto Gonçalves dos; Spina, Lorenzo; Maia, Marcelo Tucci; Alves-Brito, Alan; Monroe, TalaWanda Rose; Casagrande, Luca (2017) [Journal article]
      Context. More than two thousand exoplanets have been discovered to date. Of these, only a small fraction have been detected around solar twins, which are key stars because we can obtain accurate elemental abundances ...