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    • Whole earth telescope observations of am canum venaticorum-discoseismology at last 

      Solheim, Jan-Eric; Provencal, Judith L.; Bradley, Paul A.; Vauclair, Gérard; Barstow, Martin A.; Kepler, Souza Oliveira; Fontaine, Gilles; Graver, A.D.; Winget, Donald Earl; Marar, T.M. Krishnan; Leibowitz, Elia M.; Enanvelsen, P.I.; Chevreton, Michel; Dolez, Noël; Kanaan Neto, Antonio Nemer; Bergeron, Pierre; Claver, C.F.; Clemens, J. Christopher; Kleinman, Scot James; Hine, B.P.; Seetha, S.; Shoka, B.N.; Mazeh, Tsevi; Sansom, A.E.; Tweedy, P.W.; Meistas, Edmundas G.; Bruvold, A.; Massacand, C.N. (1998) [Journal article]
      We report the results of 143.2 hours of time-series photometry over a 12 day period for AM CVn (= HZ 29) as part of the Whole Earth Telescope (WET) project.ˡ This star is believed to be an ultra-short period cataclysmic ...