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    • Core–shell behavior and exchange bias of Fe-doped CuO nanoparticles 

      Oliveira, Aline Alves; Valerio-Cuadros, Marlon Ivan; Brito, Alex Soares de; Tupan, Lilian Felipe da Silva; Ivashita, Flávio Francisco; Geshev, Julian Penkov; Paesano Junior, Andrea (2020) [Journal article]
      Cu1−xFexO nanoparticles were prepared using a freeze-drying process followed by heat treatment. The particles were then characterized using Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetization techniques. The results revealed complex ...
    • Defects and magnetic hyperfine fields in ZrFe/sub 2/ investigated using perturbed-angular-correlation spectroscopy 

      Motta, Arthur T.; Catchen, Gary L.; Cumblidge, Stephen E.; Rasera, R.L.; Paesano Junior, Andrea; Amaral, Livio (1999) [Journal article]
      We have measured the temperature dependence of the electric and magnetic hyperfine interactions at 181Ta nuclei substituted into the Zr site in the Laves-phase compound ZrFe2, using the perturbed angular correlation of g ...
    • Electric-field gradients at the Zr sites in Zr/sub 3/Fe : measured using perturbed-angular-correlation spectroscopy and calculated using band theory 

      Motta, Arthur T.; Cumblidge, Stephen E.; Catchen, Gary L.; Legoas, Sergio B.; Paesano Junior, Andrea; Amaral, Livio (2002) [Journal article]
      We have measured the electric-field-gradient (EFG) parameters Vzz and η and their temperature dependences at the two Zr sites in the intermetallic compound Zr₃Fe using perturbed-angular-correlation spectroscopy and the ...
    • Growth kinetics of solid-state-reacted fe-zr multilayer films 

      Paesano Junior, Andrea; Teixeira, Sergio Ribeiro; Amaral, Livio (1991) [Journal article]
      Multilayers of Fee0.33Zr0.67, prepared by electron beam evaporation, have been characterized by conversion electron Mijssbauer spectroscopy, Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy, and x-ray diffraction. Two phases, one ...
    • Phase evolution and magnetic properties of a high-energy ball-milled hematite-alumina system 

      Cótica, Luiz Fernando; Zanatta, Shalimar Calegarri; Rocha, Maria Aparecida; Santos, Ivanir Aparecido dos; Paesano Junior, Andrea; Cunha, Joao Batista Marimon da; Hallouche, Bachir (2004) [Journal article]
    • Phase formation in Zr-Fe multilayers : effect of irradiation 

      Motta, Arthur T.; Paesano Junior, Andrea; Birtcher, R.C.; Brückmann, Magale Elisa; Teixeira, Sergio Ribeiro; Amaral, Livio (1999) [Journal article]
      We have conducted a detailed in situ study of phase formation in Zr–Fe metallic multilayers using irradiation and thermal annealing. Metallic multilayers with near equiatomic and Fe-rich overall compositions and with ...
    • Structural and Mössbauer characterization of the ball-milled Fe/sub x/(Al/sub 2/O/sub 3)/sub 100-x/ system 

      Paesano Junior, Andrea; Matsuda, Célia Kimie; Cótica, Luiz Fernando; Medeiros, Suzana Nóbrega de; Cunha, Joao Batista Marimon da; Hallouche, Bachir; Silva, Selma Luiza (2004) [Journal article]
      Metal-oxide composites were synthesized by high-energy ball milling of metallic iron (α-Fe) and alumina (α-Al2O3) powders, varying the starting relative concentration and the milling time. The samples were characterized ...
    • Very thin Fe/Ni modulation multilayer films under ion bombardment 

      Amaral, Livio; Scorzelli, R.B.; Brückmann, Magale Elisa; Paesano Junior, Andrea; Schmidt, Joao Edgar; Shinjo, Teruya; Hosoito, N. (1997) [Journal article]
      We investigated the effect of noble gas irradiation (He, Ne, and Xe) on Fe–Ni multilayers with a very thin modulation and nominal composition in the Invar region Fe0.63Ni0.37. The evaluation of the formation/stability of ...