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    • Emergent quantum phases in a heteronuclear molecular Bose-Einstein condensate model 

      Duncan, Melissa; Foerster, Angela; Links, Jon; Mattei, Eduardo Cerutti; Oelkers, Norman; Tonel, Arlei Prestes (2007) [Journal article]
      We study a three-mode Hamiltonian modelling a heteronuclear molecular Bose–Einstein condensate. Two modes are associated with two distinguishable atomic constituents, which can combine to form a molecule represented by the ...
    • Exact results for the thermal and magnetic properties of strong coupling ladder compounds 

      Batchelor, Murray T.; Guan, Xi-Wen; Oelkers, Norman; Sakai, Kazumitsu; Tsuboi, Zengo; Foerster, Angela (2003) [Journal article]
      We investigate the thermal and magnetic properties of the integrable su (4) ladder model by means of the quantum transfer matrix method. The magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, magnetic entropy, and high field magnetization ...