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    • Natural green coating inhibits adhesion of clinically important bacteria 

      Trentin, Danielle da Silva; Silva, Denise Brentan; Frasson, Amanda Piccoli; Rzhepishevska, Olena; Silva, Márcia Vanusa da; Pulcini, Elinor de L.; James, Garth; Soares, Gabriel Vieira; Tasca, Tiana; Ramstedt, Madeleine; Giordani, Raquel Brandt; Lopes, Norberto Peporine; Macedo, Alexandre José (2015) [Journal article]
      Despite many advances, biomaterial-associated infections continue to be a major clinical problem. In order to minimize bacterial adhesion, material surface modifications are currently being investigated and natural products ...
    • What determines sclerobiont colonization on marine mollusk shells? 

      Agostini, Vanessa Ochi; Ritter, Matias do Nascimento; Macedo, Alexandre José; Muxagata, Erik; Erthal, Fernando (2017) [Journal article]
      Empty mollusk shells may act as colonization surfaces for sclerobionts depending on the physical, chemical, and biological attributes of the shells. However, the main factors that can affect the establishment of an organism ...