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    • Ingestion of plastic debris by commercially important marine fish in southeast-south Brazil 

      Barbosa Neto, José Gabriel; Rodrigues, Fábio Lameiro; Ortega, Ileana; Rodrigues, Lucas dos Santos; Lacerda, Ana Luzia de Figueiredo; Coletto, Juliano L.; Kessler, Felipe; Cardoso , Luis Gustavo; Madureira, Lauro Saint Pastous; Proietti, Maíra Carneiro (2020) [Journal article]
    • Plastics in sea surface waters around the Antarctic Peninsula 

      Lacerda, Ana Luzia de Figueiredo; Rodrigues, Lucas dos Santos; Van Sebille, Erik; Rodrigues, Fábio Lameiro; Ribeiro, Lourenço; Secchi, Eduardo Resende; Kessler, Felipe; Proietti, Maíra Carneiro (2019) [Journal article]
      Although marine plastic pollution has been the focus of several studies, there are still many gaps in our understanding of the concentrations, characteristics and impacts of plastics in the oceans. This study aimed to ...