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    • Incoherent magnetization rotation observed in subnanosecond time-resolving x-ray photoemission electron microscopy 

      Schneider, Claus M.; Kuksov, Andrej; Krasyuk, Alexander; Oelsner, Andreas; Neeb, Daniel; Nepijko, Sergej A.; Schönhense, Gerd; Mönch, Ingolf; Kaltofen, Rainer; Morais, Jonder; Nadaï, Celine de; Brookes, N.B. (2004) [Journal article]
      We present recent results of time-resolved x-ray photoemission electron microscopy on permalloy microstructures. The stroboscopic experiments feature a time-resolution of Dtø130 ps.We observe a strong influence of incoherent ...