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    • Differences between the 3P0 and C3P0 model in the charming strange sector 

      Silva, Daniel Tavares da; Roschildt, Nathan; Hadjimichef, Dimiter; Rodrigues, Hercules Borges (2015) [Journal article]
      The goal of this work is to establish a comparison between the very well studied 3P0 model and a bound-state corrected version, the C3P0 model, obtained from applying the Fock- Tani transformation to the 3P0 model, in the ...
    • f0(1370) decay in the Fock-Tani formalism 

      Silva, Mario Luiz Lopes da; Silva, Daniel Tavares da; Vasconcellos, Cesar Augusto Zen; Hadjimichef, Dimiter (2007) [Journal article]
      We investigate the two-meson decay modes for f0(1370). In this calculation we consider this resonance as a glueball. The Fock-Tani formalism is introduced to calculate the decay width.
    • Física quântica na escola básica : investigações para a promoção de uma aprendizagem conceitual, histórica e epistemológica 

      Hoernig, André Felipe; Massoni, Neusa Teresinha; Hadjimichef, Dimiter (2021) [Journal article]
      O presente trabalho versa sobre possibilidades, tendências da literatura e estratégias didáticas para introduzir a Física Quântica no Ensino Médio, atentando para uma aprendizagem conceitual, visando conciliar História e ...
    • Matter-antimatter asymmetry and non-inertial effects 

      Silveira, Vinicius Medeiros Gomes da; Vasconcellos, Cesar Augusto Zen; Luna, Emerson Gustavo de Souza; Hadjimichef, Dimiter (2021) [Journal article]
      We investigate non-inertial effects on CP-violating processes using a model, based on the framework of quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, devised to account for the decay of accelerated particles. We show that the ...
    • Nuclear densities and the statistics of nucleonic constituents 

      Betz, Michel Emile Marcel; Hadjimichef, Dimiter (1994) [Journal article]
      In the quark model of the nucleon, the Fermi statistics of the elementary constituents can in6uence significantly the properties of multinucleon bound systems. In the Skyrme model, on the other hand, the basic quanta are ...
    • QCD effective charges and the structure function F2 at small-x : higher twist effects 

      Hadjimichef, Dimiter; Luna, Emerson Gustavo de Souza; Peláez, Marcela (2020) [Journal article]
      We consider the effect of higher twist operators of the Wilson operator product expansion in the structure function F2(x, Q 2) at small-x, taking into account QCD effective charges whose infrared behavior is constrained ...