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    • Bifurcations leading to stochasticity in a cyclotron-maser system 

      Pakter, Renato; Corso, Gilberto Luiz; Caetano, Tiberio Silva; Dillenburg, Darcy; Rizzato, Felipe Barbedo (1994) [Journal article]
      This paper is concerned with the orbital dynamics of electrons in a cyclotron maser [CO Chen, Phys. Rev. A 46,6654 (1992)] with modulated maser fields. Amplitude modulation is a natural result of wave-particle energy ...
    • Chaotic dynamics induced by space-charge waves in cyclotron resonance accelerators 

      Pakter, Renato; Caldas, Ibere Luiz; Couto, Flavia de Oliveira; Caetano, Tiberio Silva; Rizzato, Felipe Barbedo (1996) [Journal article]
      In this work, we analyze the effects produced by the inclusion of space-charge waves in a Hamiltonian model for a cyclotron resonant accelerator. We find that space charges impose limits on acceleration and that these ...
    • Graphical models and point pattern matching 

      Caetano, Tiberio Silva; Caelli, Terry; Schuurmans, Dale; Barone, Dante Augusto Couto (2006) [Journal article]
      This paper describes a novel solution to the rigid point pattern matching problem in Euclidean spaces of any dimension. Although we assume rigid motion, jitter is allowed. We present a noniterative, polynomial time algorithm ...