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    • Lattice dynamics and spin-phonon coupling in CaMn2O4 : a raman study 

      Ivanov, V. G.; Hadjiev, Viktor G.; Lytvynchuk, Alexander P.; Dimitrov, D. Z.; Shivachev, Boris Lubomirov; Abrashev, Miroslav Vergilov; Lorenz, Bernd; Iliev, Milko N. (2014) [Journal article]
      We present polarized Raman spectra of CaMn2O4 (marokite) measured in several exact scattering configurations from oriented single crystals. Most of the 11Ag + 12B1g + 10B2g + 9B3g Raman-allowed modes are identified and ...
    • Raman spectra of R2O3 (R-rare earth) sesquioxides with C-type bixbyite crystal structure : a comparative study 

      Abrashev, Miroslav Vergilov; Todorov, Neno Dimitrov; Geshev, Julian Penkov (2014) [Journal article]
      Raman spectra of R2O3 (R—Sc, Er, Y, Ho, Gd, Eu, and Sm) powders with C-type bixbyite crystal structure are measured. With the help of these data and ones, previously published for other oxides from the same structural ...
    • Raman study of phonons in CaMn7O12 : effects of structural modulation and structural transition 

      Iliev, Milko N.; Hadjiev, Viktor G.; Gospodinov, Marin; Nikolova, Rositsa Petrova; Abrashev, Miroslav Vergilov (2014) [Journal article]
      Polarized Raman spectra of oriented CaMn7O12 single crystals have been studied in a broad temperature range (5–500 K) covering the crystallographic, ferroelectric, and magnetic transitions. From the spectra obtained at ...