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    • Magnetic and structural properties of Fe-implanted cubic GaN 

      Righetti, V. A. N.; Gratens, Xavier P. M.; Chitta, Valmir Antonio; De Godoy, Marcio F.; Rodrigues, Ariano De Giovanni; Abramof, Eduardo G.; Dias, Johnny Ferraz; Schikora, Detlef; As, Donat Josef; Lischka, Klaus (2016) [Journal article]
      In this article, we report on structural and magnetic properties of cubic GaN epitaxial layers implanted with Fe ions and subsequently subjected to thermal annealing. The epitaxial quality of the layers was studied by X-ray ...
    • Transport properties of silicon implanted with bismuth 

      Abramof, Eduardo G.; Silva, Antonio Ferreira da; Sernelius, Bo E.; Souza, Joel Pereira de; Boudinov, Henri Ivanov (1997) [Journal article]
      The Hall effect and resistivity of Si:Bi with donor concentration varying from 3.0X1017 to 1.4X1020 cm-3 were measured from room temperature down to 13 K. The samples were prepared by Bi1 implantation in Van der Pauw ...