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    • Cooperation among wirelessly connected static and mobile sensor nodes for surveillance applications 

      Freitas, Edison Pignaton de; Heimfarth, Tales; Vinel, Alexey; Wagner, Flavio Rech; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo; Larsson, Tony (2013) [Journal article]
      This paper presents a bio-inspired networking strategy to support the cooperation between static sensors on the ground and mobile sensors in the air to perform surveillance missions in large areas. The goal of the proposal ...
    • Ferramentas de suporte as tarefas da analise exploratoria visual 

      Freitas, Carla Maria Dal Sasso; Wagner, Flavio Rech (1995) [Journal article]
      O trabalho apresenta de forma sistematizada as ferramentas inte rativas e visuais necessárias para suportar atividades de análise ex ploratória visual. Com base em diversos estudos de casos, as tarefas freqüentemente ...
    • From UML to Simulink CAAM : formal specification and transformation analysis 

      Foss, Luciana; Cavalheiro, Simone André da Costa; Brisolara, Lisane Brisolara de; Bisi, Nicolas; Pazzini, Vinícius Steffens; Wagner, Flavio Rech (2013) [Journal article]
      UML and Simulink are attractive languages for embedded systems design and modeling. An automatic mapping from UML models to Simulink would be an interesting resource in a seamless design flow, allowing designers to use UML ...
    • Hardware support in a middleware for distributed and real-time embedded applications 

      Silva Júnior, Elias Teodoro da; Wagner, Flavio Rech; Freitas, Edison Pignaton de; Kunz, Leonardo; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo (2007) [Journal article]
    • Model driven engineering for MPSoC space exploration 

      Oliveira, Marcio Ferreira da Silva; Briao, Eduardo Wenzel; Nascimento, Francisco Assis Moreira do; Wagner, Flavio Rech (2008) [Journal article]
      This paper presents a Model Driven Engineering approach for MPSoC Design Space Exploration (DSE) to deal with the ever-growing challenge of designing complex embedded systems. This approach allows the designer to automatically ...
    • Modeling an engineering design application using extended object-oriented concepts 

      Golendziner, Lia Goldstein; Santos, Clesio Saraiva dos; Wagner, Flavio Rech (1998) [Journal article]
      This paper presents an approach to extend object-oriented data models, in which versions of an object are allowed to appear at different levels of an inheritance hierarchy, in contrast to the known approaches where they ...
    • Schema evolution in the star framework 

      Fornari, Miguel Rodrigues; Golendziner, Lia Goldstein; Wagner, Flavio Rech (1998) [Journal article]
      The STAR data model supports the definition of object schemata, according either to some design methodology or to the designer's decision. Object schemata allow a flexible management of the various representations that are ...
    • Tangram : virtual integration of IP components in a distributed cosimulation environment 

      Souza, Uilian Rafael Feijo; Sperb, Josué Klafke; Mello, Braulio Adriano de; Wagner, Flavio Rech (2005) [Journal article]