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    • Chaotic particle dynamics in viscous flows: the three-particle stokeslet problem 

      Janosi, Imre Miklos; Tel, Tamas; Wolf, Dietrich Emil; Gallas, Jason Alfredo Carlson (1997) [Journal article]
      It is well known, that the dynamics of small particles moving in a viscous fluid is strongly influenced by the long-range hydrodynamical interaction between them. Motion at high viscosity is usually treated by means of the ...
    • Macroscopic diagnostics of microscopic friction phenomena 

      Dahmen, Silvio Renato; Farkas, Zénó; Hinrichsen, Haye; Wolf, Dietrich Emil (2005) [Journal article]
      We show that the static friction force which must be overcome to render a sticking contact sliding is reduced if an external torque is also exerted. As a test system we study a planar disk lying on a horizontal flat surface. ...