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    • Geometrical distribution of Cryptococcus neoformans mediates flower-like biofilm development 

      Lopes, William; Vainstein, Mendeli Henning; Araújo, Glauber Ribeiro de Sousa; Frases, Susana; Staats, Charley Christian; Almeida, Rita Maria Cunha de; Schrank, Augusto; Silva, Lívia Kmetzsch Rosa e; Vainstein, Marilene Henning (2017) [Journal article]
      Microbial biofilms are highly structured and dynamic communities in which phenotypic diversification allows microorganisms to adapt to different environments under distinct conditions. The environmentally ubiquitous pathogen ...
    • Nanoemulsion improves the antifungal activity of allylic thiocyanates against yeasts and filamentous pathogenic fungi 

      Lana, Daiane Flores Dalla; Giuliani, Laura Minussi; Reoleon, Jéssica Brandão; Lopes, William; Vainstein, Marilene Henning; Danielli, Letícia Jacobi; Bergamo, Vanessa Zafaneli; Pippi, Bruna; Appel, Miriam Angela Marchi; Teixeira, Mário Lettieri; Oliveira, Luis Flávio Souza de; Machado, Michel Mansur; Andrade, Saulo Fernandes de; Sá, Marcus Mandolesi; Ferreira, Misael; Munaretto, Laiéli dos Santos; Cruz, Letícia; Silveira, Gustavo Pozza; Silva, Edilma Elayne da; Fuentefria, Alexandre Meneghello (2018) [Journal article]
      We report the antifungal and antichemotactic activities of a series of allylic thiocyanates with low toxicity. We also show improved antifungal activity of the most promising compound when used in a nanoemulsion (NE). The ...
    • Scanning electron microscopy and machine learning reveal heterogeneity in capsular morphotypes of the human pathogen Cryptococcus spp. 

      Lopes, William; Cruz, Giuliano Netto Flores; Rodrigues, Márcio L.; Vainstein, Mendeli Henning; Silva, Lívia Kmetzsch Rosa e; Staats, Charley Christian; Vainstein, Marilene Henning; Schrank, Augusto (2020) [Journal article]
      Phenotypic heterogeneity is an important trait for the development and survival of many microorganisms including the yeast Cryptococcus spp., a deadly pathogen spread worldwide. Here, we have applied scanning electron ...