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    • Deciphering 40 TeV rapidity gap physics with 2 TeV jet events 

      Chehime, H.; Gay Ducati, Maria Beatriz; Duff, A.; Halzen, Francis; Natale, Adriano Antonio; Stelzer, T.; Zeppenfeld, D. (1992) [Journal article]
      Rapidity gaps may provide an adequate signature for electroweak processes at supercolliders, including the production of the Higgs particle. We show how this important issue can be studied in the dijet final states of ...
    • Diffraction and the gluon mass 

      Gay Ducati, Maria Beatriz; Halzen, Francis; Natale, Adriano Antonio (1993) [Journal article]
      We recently proposed a QCD Pomeron described by the exchange of two nonperturbative gluons characterized by a dynamically generated gluon mass. It is shown here that data on elastic scattering, exclusive p production in ...
    • The 125 GeV boson : a composite scalar? 

      Doff, A.; Luna, Emerson Gustavo de Souza; Natale, Adriano Antonio (2013) [Journal article]
      Assuming that the 125 GeV particle observed at the LHC is a composite scalar and responsible for the electroweak gauge symmetry breaking, we consider the possibility that the bound state is generated by a non-Abelian gauge ...