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    • Delta Scuti Network observations of XX Pyx : detection of 22 pulsation modes and of short-term amplitude and frequency variations 

      Handler, Gerald; Arentoft, T.; Shobbrook, Robert R.; Wood, Matthew A.; Crause, L.A.; Crake, P.; Podmore, F.; Habanyama, A.; Oswalt, T.; Birch, P.; Lowe, G.; Sterken, C.; Meintjes, P.; Brink, J.; Claver, C.F.; Medupe, R.; Guzik, Joyce Ann; Beach, T.E.; Martinez, Peter; Leibowitz, Elia M.; Ibbetson, Peter A.; Smith, T.; Ashoka, B.N.; Raj, N.E.; Kurtz, Donald W.; Balona, L.A.; O'Donoghue, Darragh; Costa, Jose Eduardo da Silveira; Breger, M. (2000) [Journal article]
      We report multisite observations devoted to the main-sequence δ Scuti star XX Pyx, conducted as the 17th run of the Delta Scuti Network. Over 125 nights a total of 550 h of usable time-series photometric B- and V-filter ...