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    • Chemical abundances in bright giants of the globular cluster M62 (NGC 6266) 

      Yong, David; Alves-Brito, Alan; Da Costa, Gary Stewart; Alonso Garcia, Javier; Karakas, Amanda I.; Pignatari, Marco; Roederer, Ian U.; Aoki, Wako; Fishlock, Cherie K.; Grundahl, Frank; Norris, John E. (2014) [Journal article]
      With the exception of Terzan 5, all the Galactic globular clusters that possess significant metallicity spreads, such as ω Cen and M22, are preferentially the more luminous clusters with extended horizontal branches. Here ...
    • The EMBLA survey : metal-poor stars in the Galactic bulge 

      Howes, Louise M.; Asplund, Martin; Keller, Stefan C.; Casey, Andrew Raithby; Yong, David; Lind, Karin; Frebel, Anna; Hays, Austin; Alves-Brito, Alan; Bessell, Michael S.; Casagrande, Luca; Marino, Anna F.; Nataf, David M.; Owen, Christopher I.; Da Costa, Gary Stewart; Schmidt, Brian P.; Tisserand, Patrick (2016) [Journal article]
      Cosmological models predict the oldest stars in theGalaxy should be found closest to the centre of the potential well, in the bulge. The Extremely Metal-poor BuLge stars with AAOmega survey (EMBLA) successfully searched ...