• Ferramentas de suporte as tarefas da analise exploratoria visual 

      Freitas, Carla Maria Dal Sasso; Wagner, Flavio Rech (1995) [Artículo de periódico]
      O trabalho apresenta de forma sistematizada as ferramentas inte rativas e visuais necessárias para suportar atividades de análise ex ploratória visual. Com base em diversos estudos de casos, as tarefas freqüentemente ...
    • From UML to Simulink CAAM : formal specification and transformation analysis 

      Foss, Luciana; Cavalheiro, Simone André da Costa; Brisolara, Lisane Brisolara de; Bisi, Nicolas; Pazzini, Vinícius Steffens; Wagner, Flavio Rech (2013) [Artículo de periódico]
      UML and Simulink are attractive languages for embedded systems design and modeling. An automatic mapping from UML models to Simulink would be an interesting resource in a seamless design flow, allowing designers to use UML ...
    • Modeling an engineering design application using extended object-oriented concepts 

      Golendziner, Lia Goldstein; Santos, Clesio Saraiva dos; Wagner, Flavio Rech (1998) [Artículo de periódico]
      This paper presents an approach to extend object-oriented data models, in which versions of an object are allowed to appear at different levels of an inheritance hierarchy, in contrast to the known approaches where they ...
    • Schema evolution in the star framework 

      Fornari, Miguel Rodrigues; Golendziner, Lia Goldstein; Wagner, Flavio Rech (1998) [Artículo de periódico]
      The STAR data model supports the definition of object schemata, according either to some design methodology or to the designer's decision. Object schemata allow a flexible management of the various representations that are ...
    • Tangram : virtual integration of IP components in a distributed cosimulation environment 

      Souza, Uilian Rafael Feijo; Sperb, Josué Klafke; Mello, Braulio Adriano de; Wagner, Flavio Rech (2005) [Artículo de periódico]