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    • Hydrogen and deuterium incorporation and transport in hafnium-based dielectric films on silicon 

      Pezzi, Rafael Peretti; Miotti, Leonardo; Bastos, Karen Paz; Soares, Gabriel Vieira; Driemeier, Carlos Eduardo; Baumvol, Israel Jacob Rabin; Punchaipetch, P.; Pant, Gaurang; Gnade, Bruce E.; Wallace, Robert M.; Rotondaro, Antonio L.P.; Visokay, J.M.; Chambers, Jim J.; Colombo, Luigi (2004) [Journal article]
      Hydrogen and deuterium incorporation into nitrided and non-nitrided hafnium silicate films on Si during thermal annealing in 1H- and 2H-containing atmospheres was investigated. 1H profiling was accessed by means of nuclear ...