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    • Deep SOAR follow-up photometry of two Milky Way outer-halo companions discovered with Dark Energy Survey 

      Luque Canaza, Elmer Fidel; Santiago, Basilio Xavier; Pieres, Adriano; Queiroz, Anna Bárbara de Andrade; Dal Ponte, Marina; Thomas, D. (2018) [Journal article]
      We report the discovery of a new star cluster, DES 3, in the constellation of Indus, and deeper observations of the previously identified satellite DES J0222.7−5217 (Eridanus III). DES 3 was detected as a stellar overdensity ...
    • StarHorse : a Bayesian tool for determining stellar masses, ages, distances, and extinctions for field stars 

      Queiroz, Anna Bárbara de Andrade; Anders, Friedrich; Santiago, Basilio Xavier; Chiappini, C.C.M.; Steinmetz, M.; Dal Ponte, Marina; Stassun, Keivan G.; Costa, Luiz N. da; Maia, Marcio Antonio Geimba; Souza, Juliana Crestani Ribeiro de; Beers, T.C.; Fernández-Trincado, José Gregorio; García-Hernández, D. A.; Roman-Lopes, Alexandre; Zamora, Olga (2018) [Journal article]
      Understanding the formation and evolution of our Galaxy requires accurate distances, ages, and chemistry for large populations of field stars. Here, we present several updates to our spectrophotometric distance code, which ...