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    • Estimating stellar birth radii and the time evolution of Milky Way’s ISM metallicity gradient 

      Minchev, Ivan; Anders, Friedrich; Recio-Blanco, Alejandra; Chiappini, C.C.M.; Laverny, Patrick de; Queiroz, Anna Bárbara de Andrade; Steinmetz, M.; Adibekyan, Vardan; Carrillo, Ivonne; Cescutti, Gabriele; Guiglion, Guillaume; Hayden, Michael; Jong, Roelof S. de; Kordopatis, Georges; Majewski, Steven Raymond; Martig, Marie; Santiago, Basilio Xavier (2018) [Journal article]
      We present a semi-empirical, largelymodel-independent approach for estimatingGalactic birth radii, rbirth, for Milky Way disc stars. The technique relies on the justifiable assumption that a negative radial metallicity ...